Flight Certificates

Stillwater BAlloon

Minnesota Hot Air Balloon Flights... Come Fly With Us!

‚ÄčAt Stillwater Balloon, we understand how special this moment is to you.

Whether you choose a private, standard, or custom flight, each will offer intimacy, excitement, beauty, and joy as you float along at treetop level, soaring aloft, touching the clouds, and watching the earth below from a different point of view. 

This is a once in a lifetime moment... tell us how we can make it perfect... for you.

Celebrating over 40 years of Ballooning!

Pricing  -  Mother's and Father's Day Special

                       Buy One Get Second 1/2 Off!!

Standard Flights
(Comparable to Semi-Private Flights)
Each standard balloon certificate is $245 per person.  Locally, this is the lowest non-sale price available.  We want our customers to receive a great value - if you hear about a lower local price, give us a call.  We would be happy to match this offer.  We also offer various promotional discounts through the year.  Call today to inquire!

Remember, our certificates are unique - the amount paid never expires and is never subject to penalties, we launch only blocks from the beautiful Saint Croix River so every flight offers spectacular water views, and we have been offering flights commercially since 1976. 

The excursion takes approximately two and one half hours (one hour of which is flight time) and includes the traditional Champagne toast with an engraved keepsake flute.  

Private Flights  - 

Private flights are available for $735 per couple.  This price includes flight certificates for two, launch from our beautiful Lakeland balloon port, one hour of flight, and the traditional champagne toast with the keepsake flutes. 

Sit back, relax, and watch as our trained flight crew readies your lighter than air craft for launch.  

Custom Flights
Since ballooning is our passion, we decided to have a bit of fun with it... Do you want to drag her out of bed to show her the balloon standing in your back yard waiting for your acescent?  Do you want to waltz out of your wedding and into the sky?  Do you want to get on your knees and still be 2000 feet over the ground?  Do you want to show up at the park in which you proposed 25 years ago only to find us waiting and her speechless?  Do you want us at your parent's 60th wedding anniversary?  Do you want a picnic laid out, a party with tether rides, roses, pastries... tell us your dreams and we will tell you if we can make them a reality. 

Corporate Needs
Whether you are interested in a one shot promotional event or the ultimate in advertising - balloon sponsorship (partnering to create a work of art that flies over one of the wealthiest counties in America and is available for all your advertising needs) - we can assist.  Over the years we have been sponsored by KS95, KTIS, Havoline, and have offered promotional assistance for countless events.  Big or small, hot air balloons create excitement, joy, and lasting memories.  Let us help your company soar to new heights.  For further information contact stillwaterballoons@comcast.net

The Fine Print
Hot air balloon flight gift certificates from Stillwater Balloons are a perfect gift for that special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day, retirement, and... making your dreams come true is an occasion to celebrate in and of itself!  Gift Certificates can be ordered on this website by clicking the link to the right, via phone with a credit card, you may mail a check, or they can be picked up at our office in Lakeland. 

Our gift certificates are unique!  We have moved away from the industry standard and instead offer a certificate in which the amount paid never expires.  Additionally, you are protected for a full year against any price increases and against the expiration of promotional pricing and coupons.  We value your trust and patronage - making sure that you never lose money is just another way of making sure that your experience with Stillwater Balloon is completely enjoyable.  

All flight certificates are nonrefundable, cannot be combined, and are fully transferable (so hold on tight... whoever holds the certificate can use it... treat it as you would cash).