Pilots and Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Rides are Our Business

Stillwater Balloons is a family owned business providing, over the last thirty years, more hot air balloon flights than anyone else in the Midwest.  At Stillwater Balloons your pilots are the best in the business.  They are professionals, highly experienced, and commercially certified by the FAA.  Our pilots are very personable and enjoy answering any questions you may have about your flight.  Making a moment to remember is our pleasure at Stillwater Balloons.

Our Balloons

We operate one of the largest fleets of new, spacious, Cameron Balloons in Minnesota.  Cameron Balloons are known for both their safety and innovation as the proud builder of the first non-stop, round the world balloon.

Flight Instruction

Are you interested in learning to fly? 
Stillwater Balloons offers flight instruction. 
After completing an online ground school, we work with you to not only obtain your solo flight certificate but build hours increasing your confidence and safety, building skill and enjoyment.  Your flight instruction package will be custom built for your needs and your future plans. 

Call today for more information. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that operating a business is about more than profit.  It is about service, skill, integrity, knowledge, commitment, compassion, and joy.  We have been family owned since 1976 and are not only passionate about the wonder and excitement ballooning offers, but we care deeply about our customers and our community.  Come fly with us!

Stillwater BAlloon

Minnesota Hot Air Balloon Flights... Come Fly With Us!